Agent policy

1. Agent setting

SID brand product agents are divided into operation regions by country/region, and only one agent in each country/region is set up in principle.

2. Qualification of agents

  1. Those who have enough operating funds shall provide identification;
  2. Have the ability to perform the contract obligations, provide written guarantee, require to provide relevant information, including personal information, etc;
  3. Have good credit, long-term vision, and practical market operation ability;
  4. Commitment not to cross-regional sales, abide by the guiding price system;
  5. There are smooth sales channels, perfect market network, and extensive close interpersonal relationship;
  6. Commitment to sign Sid regional agency agreement;
  7. Comply with the company’s market management and requirements;
  8. Identify and cooperate with the company’s business policy and management mode;
  9. The first purchase of the agent shall reach a certain amount, and the value of the first batch of goods shall not be less than 5000USD.

3.Preferential policies for agents

  1. The purchase price of the agent is the agent price, the unified supply policy of the company is implemented, and the cash in stock is implemented;
  2. 10% of the first batch amount is used as the advertising fee; for those who have completed the sales task well, they should focus on the publicity on the website;
  3. In addition to the special preferential policies of agents, there are also rebate policies;
  4. Have the right to develop sub-distributors in the region;
  5. In cities with agents, our company will not directly sell products to this area, except for special circumstances such as exhibitions;
  6. The company does not charge agency fees, nor any fees such as a deposit.

4.Cooperation principles of agents

Fairness: equality and transparency, more work, more pay.

Communication: communication and cooperation with each other.

Win-win: both the manufacturer and the agent are satisfied.

5.Business management

  1. Minimum price policy management
  2. price management of special projects

The company formulates the lowest selling price system and strictly implements it except for special items.

In case of special circumstances in the competition, the agent shall communicate with the company for details, determine the competition strategy and ensure the interests of the agent, which can be implemented only after being approved by the company.

6.Payment method management

  1. Cash for spot goods
  2. The special management shall be carried out after the approval of company leaders.

7.Marketing management

1. Agent sales area

The company determines the sales area of the agent, and in principle does not allow the agent to cross-regional sales. Under special circumstances, the company shall communicate with the corresponding situation and coordinate with the local agent before implementation. Otherwise, it will be treated as a violation.

2. Business communication

The company allows agents to develop sub-distributors in the authorized area. However, the agent must sign the authorization agreement with the lower level distributors when developing the lower-level distributors, and the agreement must be pre examined by the company. After signing the agreement, the copy should be sent back to the company for filing. At this time, if the distributor does not admit to the lower level company, it shall be deemed that the distributor does not admit to the lower level company’s failure to provide goods to the lower level company, the Distributor shall be deemed not to have taken any measures to deal with the matter if the distributor has not been authorized by the company.

In the case of large-scale sales terminal customers, the company shall timely report to the company for support; when the company supports dealers in specific projects, it will give priority to the agents who have priority to declare under the same conditions.

The agent is obliged to inform the company of the competitor’s business situation in time.

3. Conflict management

If more than one distributor is involved in the sale of SID products in a certain region, the company supports it according to the following priority principles:

  • Regional priority principle: in case of conflicts between agents in different regions, give priority to supporting agents in this region
  • Declaration priority principle: in case of conflicts among agents with the same regional conditions, priority shall be given to those who declare in advance
  • Performance priority principle: when agents conflict under the same conditions, give priority to those with better performance

8. Brand management

  • Maintain company and brand image
  • Trademark printing management

9.Transportation and insurance management

The transportation expenses and insurance shall be borne by the agent

10.Agent support

1. Business condition guarantee system

Preferential business agent conditions to ensure that agents obtain reasonable interests

According to the specific business conditions, give corresponding rewards

2.Technical support guarantee system

  • Hotline support: answer difficult questions of agents
  • Scheme design support: assist the agent to design application scheme
  • On-site support service: assist the agent to solve difficult problems on site
  • Product after-sales service: Patrol product users and answer after-sales questions

3.Market support system

  • Project support: assist the agent in project operation
  • Marketing activities support: cooperate with agents to carry out marketing activities
  • Advertising support: give 100% support to the agent
  • Market relationship support: cooperate with agents to expand market relationship

11.Disqualification of agent

  • Malicious consumer fraud
  • Unauthorized use of SID trademark in other goods or publicity purposes;
  • Unprocessed consumer complaints more than 2 time
  • Malicious collusion, lower than the agent price sales

SID company has the right of final interpretation