Easy to order, quick to delivery

We have own factory resources, that is to say, we have a set of independent delivery process.

The delivery date is completely handed over to ourselves, so as to guarantee your receiving date to the greatest extent. Of course, in addition to the fast delivery time, we also bring you high-quality and low-cost products. Promise to deliver every product you customized here intact.


Response Time Shorten


Average Dilivery Time Shorten

  Do you have a minimum order requirement?

You can order any size that you need.

There's no MOQ.

  How long does it take to ship?

Generally, it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock, or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock.

By the way, according to the quantity, the time may also be changed.

  How to pay us?

We offer payment directly through Paypal or World Pay

More ways you can get from the payment terms.

Great and professional team for you

We have a professional foreign trade team, a group of energetic young people who like titanium, research titanium and share titanium.

Inspirational in the field of titanium, professional, responsible, honest and enthusiastic service concept for you to create titanium products. Please believe us, 100% is a professional titanium team.

Enjoy your life with Titanium

SID gotta be best friend, following every fields.

Racing sports enthusiast

If you are a racing sports enthusiast, you know that rotating and reciprocating, is your enemy.

Titanium alloys provide the best strength to weight ratio of any metal; invariably, titanium is at least part of the solution. Don't assume Titanium is outside your budget, we routinely quote titanium packages below expectations. Beyond fasteners, SID enables straight forward design and construction of custom titanium parts and assemblies.

Healthy travel explorer

If you are a cyclist, maybe you only use it as a means of transportation, not as a good friend, but here, let titanium become a bridge of communication between you and an important factor.

Life wisdom housekeeper

If you have always loved life, you maybe tired of stainless steel, please choose SID, upgrade your home to titanium alloy, you get not only luster, but also improve your quality of life.


If you are an imaginative person, please just have a message about the product model you want, including drawings, parameters and other data, SID will customize your e exclusive product for you.


Very good packaging and fast shipping


Superior price, full specification and top quality products


Very responsible, very patient, very professional service of a China Company


A good company to do business with. helpful, fast service and high quality team


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